Bio: A child of the 60s, my passion is music and the interplay between music, culture, and societal events. I love most music genres, and the reason for creating this blog is to talk about music that interests or excites me, musical influences on my life, my travels and how it all fits together. Don't be surprised to see a top ten list of albums that periodically changes. Generally I want to have fun, and would invite others to engage with me regarding my posts. Teach me something I don't know. I am learning all the time.

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3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hello, I’m trying to find a copy of Humphy Osmond’s talk at the 1983 Psychedelic Conference. I tried to buy the cassette collection (I assume the same one you have), but the seller is not reachable. Would you be willing to make a copy? I can pay you for the trouble.

    Can we switch over to email?



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