Been Gone So Long…

Can you believe it? It is now late April, 2022. My last post was in August 2021 and at that time I was just saying “stay tuned, I will be back soon”. That did not happen. So here we are nearly a year later and nothing new. Oh, yes, I’ve been posting things to Facebook. After closing my FB account, re-opening, and closing and opening again, it just had seemed easier to use that platform. But I do want to get back to this. So, please don’t go away. I’m still working and have a real busy schedule in the coming months. Lots of travel, lots of Zoom trainings, lots of writing for work. So my focus will not be here. But once the smoke clears, I will be heading for retirement which will bring more time. And…I might even turn this into a podcast, or a combination.

Just know that I have really appreciated all 4 or 5 of you (hopefully there were more than that) that have stuck with me and check here from time to time. By fall I should be seeing things clear up. I have lots of catching up to do.

So no news to report. I will announce on FB and Twitter when I post. For those who are not following me there, you can either check here or begin following me on FB or Twitter.

Gotta go. Getting ready for travel and helping my wife with preparation for kitchen remodeling. See you soon!